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What others are saying about KEEP IT UP’

Keep It Up

"Dr. Comite inspires you to improve your life. She knows how to take of control of your health and not just in the face of illness.”
Joe Plumeri
Former Chair and CEO Willis Group Holdings

"Medicine is all about change, and Dr. Comite is at the leading edge of what men need in order to live optimally healthy lives. The traditional pillars of good health- nutrition and exercise- are still important, but to have true health and fitness, and to be on top of their game, men need to know about much more. In KEEP IT UP, Dr. Comite explores the importance of muscle, fat, blood sugar, insulin, diet, exercise, and overall metabolism. We are complex, biological, hormonal machines but Dr. Comite makes it all understandable.
Congratulations on picking up this book. Now read it, and get armed to live life well."
Abraham Morgentaler, MD, FACS
Author, Testosterone For Life and Why Men Fake It
Founder and Director, Men’s Health Boston

“Thanks to the advice in this book and Dr. Comite’s proactive approach of Precision Medicine, I’ve regained the body, strength, and energy I had in my 30s. I feel like a new man—a healthier one.”
David Neeleman
Founder of JetBlue Airways

"Dr. Comite's ambitious book explores the author's unique approach to optimizing all aspects of men's health. Interspersed with numerous case histories, the author exposes the myths of anti-aging while detailing her own formula of precision medicine."
Larry Lipshultz, MD
Professor of Urology Baylor College of Medicine

"Speaking of physicians, Robert Louis Stevenson had some kind words. He said: "Some there are who stand above the common herd ….physicians almost as a rule." It is, of course debatable about how many physicians actually qualify for this high praise, but, if it applies to any physician, it certainly applies to Dr. Florence Comite. Dr. Comite in her new book “ Keep it Up,” has done two important and remarkable things. She has forwarded our understanding of how to achieve “healthy aging” and she has demonstrated how to actually achieve “Precision Medicine” that is treatment specifically designed for the individual patient. This is a pioneering achievement which is helping to transform medicine from a one size fits all population health perspective to optimized care of the individual person. She does this all in an easy to read book that is informative for both physicians and patients alike."
John P. Docherty, MD
Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry
Weill Cornell Medical College

“This book gave me my husband, Sam, back! He’s leaner, healthier, happier and more energetic. Dr. Comite’s work is magic--after decades of marriage we’re having sex like 20-year-olds!"
Diana Kirschner, PhD, psychologist
Author of Love in 90 Days

“This program helped me lose 20 pounds, reverse my diabetes and even start repairing the damage from my heart attack.”
Livingston Miller
Personal Trainer

This is an exceedingly helpful reference guide for anyone interested in regaining and revitalizing their health - particularly men who are beginning to experience the (supposedly) "normal" decline of aging.
As a patient of Dr Comite, I have experienced a sense of partnership and ownership of this journey as well as a level of compassionate care rarely experienced in previous relationships with primary care physicians.
The information is carefully and easily explained and laid out. In short, Dr Comite and her team do not champion a program - they champion you the person - your life, your history, your goals and your achievements. I would strongly recommend anyone who initiates a serious commitment to a middle age and beyond health and fitness program to read this book and keep it as a strong reference and reinforcement."
Sig Van Raan, PhD, Psychologist
Writer and Consultant

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Building a High-Performance Body

Florence Comite, MD, believes any man can restore his body, mind, and energy; prevent disease; and feel strong, confident, and in control once again.


Great Sex,
Your Second Act

You are tired-looking, lack motivation, belly sags over your belt, your mind is foggy and maybe even your sex drive has evaporated. What happened?


The Sleep and Stress Connection

As a man ages, a slow decline takes root that, day to day, is imperceptible. Sometime around age 30, levels of the male hormone testosterone begin to drop each year.


The Truth about Hormone Therapies

Testosterone affects all of the above aspects of a man’s vitality, Dr. Comite shows readers how the cutting edge science of hormone optimization is an effective way to prevent the disorders of aging.

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  • Keep It Up will show you how to quantify your own health and then make key changes that will reduce your belly fat and risk of diabetes, revitalize your sex drive and strengthen your erections, and give you more muscle and greater mental agility.

  • Endocrinologist Florence Comite, MD, doesn’t believe we should accept aging as is. She believes any man can restore his body, mind, and energy; prevent disease; and feel strong, confident, and in control once again.